About Dr. Sullivan

Gary Sullivan, MD is passionate about women's health. Throughout his 25 years as a Board Certified Gynecologist, he has authored 3 books on the topic. Patients of Dr. Sullivan often honor him by referring their friends and family, and he hopes you too will allow him to care for you.

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Travel to Statesboro
for Your Surgery

Today, many women who either have no insurance or high deductibles are looking for a cost-effective, no compromise solution to maintaining their health. Dr. Sullivan offers complete travel-surgery solutions, including flights, hotel stay, surgery in his state-of-the-art-surgery center, and a well-planned recovery weekend in beautiful historic Savannah, GA.

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Dr. Sullivan's Journal

Dr. Sullivan is a deep well of knowledge and information, from healthy eating to homeopathic ways to stave off postpardum depression, you'll find his thoughts here, regularly updated, in his online journal.  

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