3 Simple Exercises to Ease Endometriosis

Exercising with Endometriosis

Exercising with Endometriosis takes effort. Chronic pain and feeling tired makes it difficult to do physical activity, but research shows that exercise: 1) releases pain relieving endorphins. 2) promotes circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your body. 3) decreases the estrogen in your body that endometriosis is dependent on. It’s worth the effort! 

Swimming - is gentle on the body and strengthen muscles

Swimming is a gentle way to get cardio, strengthen core muscles, and increases functionality of the body. It relaxes the muscles which may reduce cramping and pelvic pain. *Tip: heated pools are optimum for easing muscle tension.


Walking - increases “pain relieving” endorphins in the body

Walking increases endorphins levels in the body, that not only combat stress and depression, but also help to relieve pain. Getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat helps to rid your body of endometriosis-causing toxins and increases oxygen flow to your entire body. A brisk 30 minute walk can do wonders for your overall health, but go at your own pace, it should be enjoyable. Take a walk with a loved one to boost those “happy hormones” even more! 

Yoga - improves the connection with your body and mind.

Yoga can be very effective for easing pelvic pain. The slow, mindful movements help to relax fascial bands in the abdomen which helps to reduce tension and pain. Yoga teaches breathing exercises to calm the mind reminding us to be present and take it one day at a time. Below are links to Yoga poses that specifically help Endometriosis symptoms.