10 Ways to Avoid Endometriosis-Causing Chemicals?


1. Don’t handle BPA-loaded Receipts

Some receipts contain 250 to 1,000 times the amount of BPA typically found in a can of food. BPA is absorbed through the skin and cannot be washed off. Gas station receipts can contain huge amounts of BPA.

2. Avoid Packaged Food

Buy fresh bread from the bakery in paper, milk in glass bottles, bring a glass container for cheese and meat from the deli, buy cereal in bulk, get beans and grains from the bulk bin in your own cloth or paper bag. Forgo the packaged salad greens for unpackaged – use cloth or paper bags in the produce aisle.

3. Only Drink from a Safe BPA-free Water Bottle

That funny taste that water in a plastic bottle gets after sitting in the sun is due to chemicals leaching into it. Use stainless steel and glass alternatives that are not lined with plastic, such as “Vessel”, “Bottles UP” or “Bkr”. A good stainless steel option is “Kleen Kanteen”.

4. Store Food in Glass

Discard the Tupperware and use all-glass alternatives. For smaller items, use small glass containers or wax paper instead of plastic wrap or plastic sandwich bags.

5. Avoid Canned Foods

92% of all canned food is lined with BPA coating. Use glass jars or stick to these safe BPA-free brands: Eden Foods (except tomatoes), Wild Planet tuna, Vital Choice tuna, Native Forest and Native Factor canned goods.

6. Don’t Drink Soda

Aluminum soda cans are lined with BPA.

7. Eat at Home

Almost all restaurant food is loaded with BPA. Eating at home and bringing your lunch to work will reduce your exposure to BPA.

8. Make your Own Coffee

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a local coffee shop that brews in glass, a cup of to-go coffee comes in contact with BPA during each stage of the brewing process. From the plastic bag the beans are stored in, to the hot plastic coffee maker it’s brewed in, the thermos it’s kept hot in, and the plastic – lined cup it’s served in. To make coffee without BPA, buy beans from bulk, store in glass, and brew with paper filters, a stainless steel Coava filter and Chemex glass carafe, or stainless steel french press. Pour into a ceramic cup and, voila! BPA- free coffee.

9. Buy Personal-care Products in Glass, Paper or Metal.

BPA, phthalates, and other endometriosis-causing chemicals can leach into beauty products from a plastic container and absorb into your skin.

10. Replace Plastic Items with Safer Alternatives

Use metal, glass, or wood utensils, bowls, dishes, and containers whenever possible. is made of plastic?) can reduce the amount of plastic chemicals stored in your body.